I learned early in life that the world owes you nothing and everyone is judged by others on appearances, regardless of how unfair that may be. This gives most people the paradigm that their self confidence should come from the approval and praise of others, when in reality it’s the complete opposite. 

Self Confidence comes from keeping promises to yourself, and living up to your own beliefs and standards, regardless of what the majority of others will think. 

Keeping promises you make to yourself is called self discipline. This is a practice that most people lack. It’s easier to make excuses and blame whatever has happened in your life for where you are. The people who take responsibility for their position, and understand they control their life through the choices they make, are the ones who become successful in whatever endeavor they decide to pursue. Once you take ownership of your life and situation you understand you alone create whatever is in your life/reality, good or bad, and you can then choose “the good” moving forward.

I went to the University of North Texas to study Finance, and dropped out with 2 classes to finish my degree to pursue a Full time Industrial Sales Manager Position in 2015. 

Looking back I wouldn’t change this, even though I loathe not finishing something I’ve started. Had I not pursued that position at a young age, I don’t believe I would have the experience required to run multiple successful businesses, motivate those around me, and hold others accountable as they push toward their goals.

Having student debt has also given me real life experience for what most millennials are dealing with in their financial situations. 

After managing multiple sales teams and locations for the large industrial supply Company, I took a position in the same industry, selling completely different products. In this role with a smaller company I worked with the management team to double profits, and top line revenue year over year. I learned how to work through problems and create solutions/systems that allowed the company to scale at a rapid pace.

When I took the role in 2019 I was not the person I needed to be in order to achieve this. 

From 2012 until late 2019 I trained for and competed in 13 local, state, regional, and national bodybuilding competitions. Winning a few, placing in others, and getting my ass handed to me in the other half. I mentioned earlier I learned early on that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything… being a fat kid. who was unathletic, and geeky, you get your fair share of criticism.

But, again I am grateful for these lessons learned early in life. It’s because of them, I have the self confidence and discipline needed to achieve my goals, and help others reach theirs.

With 2020 being a difficult year for almost everyone, I have been blessed to have had more Personal, and as a downstream effect financial, growth than any other time in my life.

In 2020 when the coronavirus shut the world down, I had been saving money to purchase a home for my wife and I. We had also paid off our home at the time and lowered our bills to the bare minimum in order to save as much as we could for the new house.

I had learned through my financial education that big drops in the market were the best time to invest because “the markets always recover and go higher.” So I did what anyone with my background would do.. I Threw all of it in the market into large cap tech stocks. I also rolled my 401k into a self managed IRA and took the same approach. This played out beautifully over the next 6 months, until in September. I used the valuation models on my investments that I had been taught in school.. Everything was flashing “Over Valued.” At this point I had been taught you pull profit and move into risk off assets like precious metals and real-estate. So I started studying up on Gold. One day I got on a kick, listening to Peter Schiff, and stumbled across a debate he had with a bitcoin guy… After hearing what bitcoin was, I dove in head first reading everything I could on it. I came to find out there are 1000s of blockchains, all with different variations, and marketed toward different use cases. I researched all I could consume on the topic 6 hours a day for over a year. 

During this period my investments outperformed the Stock Market by 500%, and I believe I’ve discovered where the entire financial Industry will transition over the next decade. Making the people who invest now more wealthy than most can imagine in just a few years time.

After creating my own financial freedom over the last year, I knew I needed to grow in business as an entrepreneur in order to help others create the same. So I changed those 6 hours per day of studying digital assets and blockchain, over to learning and reading everything I could on the subject. This is also how I discovered “Built to Sell” but John Warrillow and his Valuebuilder system. Which I now use to help business owners create the most profits possible inside of their business, while reaching higher multiples of valuation for their business if they should ever decide to Sell.

I am always learning, growing, and reaching for higher goals. 

I hope that I can help you do the same inside your business, or with your finances. 

Thank you for reading and visiting my site. 

I wish you the ability to keep promises to yourself, and achieve your highest aspirations for wealth.

Jacob Claver

Beyond Broke Owner | Certified Value Builder Advisor | Financial Coach

To help anyone achieve their highest aspirations for wealth"​

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